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Just as much as we love creating videos that amplify your mission and messages, we’re also passionate about protecting the world around us. That’s why we approach each and every one of our productions through a sustainable lens as well as a creative and collaborative one. Here’s a taste of our seven practices that help ensure we’re leaving as little impact as possible:

1 - Accountability

When we onboard cast and crew, they're informed we're an eco-conscious company and that we run our sets with care towards the environment. Our call sheets, production paperwork, and set safety meetings highlight this fact as well. We're not shy about letting folks know. Awareness is the first step.

2 - Reduce

Our lighting folks, especially, are committed to reducing electricity waste by turning off lights when they are not actively being used for a scene. And our unit production managers work with our cast and crew to arrange car pooling, when possible, to reduce the amount of pollution we're producing getting to and from set.

3 - Reuse

We work to eliminate waste on set. This means meals are served with reusable plates/cups/cutlery, and we only drink from reusable water bottles. We provide these along with asking cast and crew to bring their own, when possible. We provide water stations where bottles can be refilled throughout the shoot day.

4 - Recycle

We also recycle on our sets. We ensure waste and recycling are sorted appropriately by utilizing clearly marked bins, providing guidance on what is recyclable, and making this a topic of our safety meetings at the beginning of each shoot day. When recycling facilities are not available on location, we take the items with us to recycle appropriately elsewhere.

5 - Local

When and where we can, we're committed to buying local and supporting local businesses. This extends to who we select to cater our meals, which locations we pick to film in, where we source our costumes, props, and scenic items, and where we rent any of our gear. Local is always our first preference.

6 - Digital

We're working towards going paperless. The more schedules, call sheets, shotlists, and reports we host digitally, the better. We only print if it's absolutely necessary. We also work to have as many of our pre-production and post-production meetings remotely, to save on travel emissions.

7 - Planting

We're always looking to give back to our communities and world - which is a main reason we love partnering with brands with the same values! We do this, in small part, by partnering with One Tree Planted and donating to have trees planted in a US National Forest for each project we film.

Rest assured that at this pivotal time we're working diligently to ensure our COVID-19 safety precautions go hand-in-hand with our eco-conscious practices. From time to time, these might seem at odds with each other. And know when this is truly the case we're prioritizing immediate, human safety while still keeping sustainability at the forefront of our mission.

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