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Creative Director, Owner

My background is in theatre, production, performance, and project management. I'm drawn to film making because I truly believe storytelling is essential to the human experience and cultivates personal growth. I love collaborating with other artists and creatives to take a nugget of an idea and grow it into a powerful, entertaining, and inspirational cinematic experience.


BUsiness Director, Owner

I started out in camera and lighting, but slowly transitioned into producing and directing. As an artist, I'm passionate about creating an experience, for both the cast and crew in making the films, but also for the audience in watching them. To create that experience, I'm obsessed with exploring unique and interesting locations and using them to create visually interesting worlds.

MARK Jacks

Head of Marketing & Business Development

A background in acting, I discovered a passion for stories and creating memorable experiences for an audience. Recently, I changed focus from telling stories from a script to telling brand stories. Exploring the “why” is essential for acting and creating a good performance, but creating the “why” for a brand can change lives. If a brand operates for intention besides profit, they know their impact on all their stakeholders Ultimately, a company that operates with intention can cultivate growth for the people it interacts with; that’s my mission.