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Branded Content Video production

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What is Branded Video Content?

Branded content videos are the reversal or opposite of traditional video advertising. Instead of centering products and services, it centers stories that are important to the people in your target audience. 

Successful branded content videos find ways of relating these stories to their brand values...and thus to their products and services.

products and services

What Branded Content Isn't

Branded content is NOT:


  • traditional advertising

  • traditional video marketing

  • a video with a brand's logo in/on it

  • invasive marketing

  • selling a product or service to a target market

  • product placement

created for success

What Makes A Effective Branded Video Production?

Branded videos are successful when they:

  • align with what your target audience wants to see

  • align your brand values (without stating it)

  • are not self-promotional, your brand takes the backseat

  • are truly genuine and authentic

  • present a unique point-of-view and has a distinct voice

  • are rooted in compelling and engaging storytelling

  • are easily shareable and folks are compelled to share it

  • are live-action videos telling human stories

  • are strategically designed branded content campaigns

when and how

When Should
You Use 
Branded Content?

Branded content videos are extremely helpful when you want to:

  • get people talking about your brand

  • provide value to your target audience

  • earn customer loyalty and trust

  • connect on an emotional level

  • stay away from heavy-handed sales pitches

  • have more versatile video content

  • be a good way

  • gain greater video content ROI

  • strengthen your brand voice

  • create content that elevates your overall brand message

  • drive awareness of the causes your brand cares about


Stories are connectors. When people feel connected this triggers favorable responses, builds trust and loyalty, and connects emotionally while forgoing rational arguments that attempt to convince people to buy. Branded video content provides the audience immediate benefits - a story they can relate to, a topic they're interested in, or pure entertainment.

ads are unwelcome

Branded Videos Vs. Traditional Content

In a world where traditional advertising and video marketing are becoming unwelcome, your target audience is opting for streaming services without ads, skipping pre-roll ads at the 5 second mark, and installing ad blockers, branded content videos help you stand out by going with the flow that consumers are looking for from their content.


Branded content video stands out because it blends in.

Statistics show that brand recall is higher and folks seek out more content from brands who utilize branded video content.


higher brand lift with branded content (when distributed through premium publishers) 


higher brand recall for branded content vs all other digital ads


is the likelihood that consumers will seek out additional content after interacting with branded content 


higher brand recall for branded content vs pre-roll ad


expect their branded content revenue to increase over the next 12 months


customized . strategized . specialized

Let's Journey Together

Our full-service branded content video production services are centered around curiosity and strategy. We focus on crafting the highest quality content to build trust and emotional connection with your audience.


Our branded video production work together also aids reforestation efforts as we donate to have trees planted when we're making branded videos.


Here's our 3-step branded video production process:

1. We Explore
Our process begins with a free 30-min Explore Call get to know each other and assess project fit so we can best support the work you're doing.

2. We Collaborate
Once we're underway, our team will work hand-in-hand with yours to ensure you're set up for success with everything you need from strategy to development.

3. We Create
We'll bring your specially curated production team together to fully produce your project from pre-production through final, on-time & on-budget delivery.

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"Talus Films’ communication was always on point. They were also incredibly organized and patient...We also appreciated how included they made us feel at the shoot and how engaged they were with us."


Rebecca Zak

Sr. Creative Producer

Antenna Group

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Branded Content

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Helpful Guide

Discover 5 powerful ways to use video storytelling to communicate your brand values in order to build trust and emotionally connect with your audience with our free guide.

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What our Clients Say

It's an honor and a joy to bring our client's visions to life through video. We're extremely grateful for the opportunities we've had to tell these stories. Here are some of their thoughts.

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Video Production Company Sustainability Partner

giving back

Your Branded Content Project Plants Trees

We take an eco-conscious approach to branded video production in order to protect our natural world and leave it a bit better than we found it. In addition to our sustainable practices, each project we produce aids reforestation efforts through our partnership with One Tree Planted.


We plant trees wherever they are most needed with a preference, when possible, for US National Forests and wildfire recovery efforts.

The number of trees planted per project directly correlates to its overall scope.

Each of our free quotes includes an estimate of how many trees will be planted