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Talus Films was founded in January 2019 after working creatively together since 2015. Both Chicago, IL and Fort Collins, CO are our home bases, but our work takes us all over the country (and as adventurers at heart, we love it).


Talus Films has over 16 combined years of filmmaking and producing experience working as storytellers and collaborators.

The team is passionate about protecting our natural world, responsibly recreating outdoors, and inspiring action through authentic, story-based video content.

Talus also knows not everyone is suited to telling every story. We’re acutely aware of this. Therefore, we consciously keep our core team small and nimble so we’re able to build the perfect production team for each unique storytelling project. We draw from a highly skilled network of creatives across the country and hire locally whenever and wherever possible.

Our Team

Madelaine Anderson

Madelaine Anderson

co-founder  |  creative director  |  dog lover

Madelaine Anderson


is passionate about using video to tell stories, amplify voices and messages, and help others build their businesses. Madelaine wears many hats in the film world including producer, creative director, production designer, and actor. When she's not in front of or behind the camera, she can be found hiking, camping, traveling with her husband, daughter, and pup or training as an aerialist on silks. 

Jordan Graves


co-founder  |  business director & head of production  |  cat lover

Jordan Graves

Jordan Graves

loves crafting images, and bringing people together to create amazing visual stories. Jordan is the head of production at Talus Films, and heads up all the content creation operations. Beyond creating ads and movies, Jordan loves going out for a hike, whether it's in a national forest or the local park. 

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