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chicago video editing services - bringing your story to life
Post Production Services

chicago video editing services

Full Post Production

Once your video footage has been captured, the next step in the creative process in post production. As a full-service production company, we offer a whole host of post production services that will ensure your story is told in line with your vision each and every time.

We're highly skilled in video editing, video project management, color correction, music track selection, sound mixing, composing, motion graphic creation, VFX (when needed), and multiple format delivery to fit your every platform need.

You video post production team is entirely hand-picked and curated to match the story your video is telling. You post production team could include a professional video editor, colorist, sound engineer or mixer, music composer, motion graphics creator, or special effects artist. We build the team you video project needs.

At the end of the post process, you video assets are delivered to you on-time and on-budget in all the multiple formats you might need.

We can't wait to learn more about your post production and editing needs. From commercials to promotional videos to corporate videos to educational course content to internal training to brand films and documentary content, we're experienced video editors.

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Editing & Project Management

Video editing is where the magic can really happen and your story is stitched together. Your professional video editor is hand-selected to ensure the highest quality and perfect alignment with your story. And the entire post production process is handled with expert project management.

While we love capturing new footage for our projects, perhaps you have raw video assets or access to user generated content (UGC) that you're ready to bring to life.

Color Correction Services

Color Correction

The high-quality digital cinema cameras we use, capture footage in LOG. This color profile is flat in order to capture as much detail in the image as possible.


Our colorists are then highly skilled at breathing life into your images through cinematic and captivating coloring.

Video editing often overshadows the need for expert video coloring, but not with your custom-built Talus team.

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Music & Sound Mixing

We cover all the bases when it comes to sound mixing and design so you don't have to worry about a thing.


We select and fully license musical tracks, compose original works, oversee post sound mixing, record voice overs, and capture foley, when a project calls for it.


We pay close attention to sound because we know it's integral in evoking emotion and leaving your audience wanting more.

Choobs Brand Video Production

Motion Graphics & VFX

We create motion graphics and special effects (VFX) when they are what's best for the video project.


While we specialize in live-action production and video editing, we know sometimes a story isn't complete without on-screen additional help and that's where our skills in this area come in super handy.

Our work here is often simple yet extremely effective and aligned with your goals.

Our video editing services are customized to fit your goals and needs.

What post production service do you need? Let's chat!

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Helpful Guide

Talus Films Video Marketing Audit Guide Cover

Save time and energy and discover our 5-step process to optimize your video content to increase views and maximize impact with our free guide.

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"Talus did such a great job of pulling all the right words out of me and stringing them together in such a great way. The video is so much more informative than I could have imagined. The first time I debuted a "teaser" ...two people immediately reached out for a consultation. I'll call that a success!"

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Lindsey Oaks


Lindsey Oaks Personal Branding

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What our Clients Say

It's an honor and a joy to bring our client's visions to life through video editing and production. We're extremely grateful for the opportunities we've had to tell these stories. Here are some of their thoughts.

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Video Production Company Sustainability Partner

giving back

Your Project Plants Trees

We take an eco-conscious approach to video editing and production in order to protect our natural world and leave it a bit better than we found it. In addition to our sustainable practices, each project we produce aids reforestation efforts through our partnership with One Tree Planted.


We plant trees wherever they are most needed with a preference, when possible, for US National Forests and wildfire recovery efforts.

The number of trees planted per project directly correlates to its overall scope.

Each of our free quotes includes an estimate of how many trees will be planted

if we produce your project.

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