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COnnect and color

Promotional Video & Social Media Video Ads


Dawn, Connect and Color's founder, could see there was a breakdown happening in her brand marketing and messaging. It was difficult for her to communicate and easily articulate her brand's offering to potential participants. She wanted to infuse her marketing with video in order to boost awareness, engagement, and excitement.


Talus Films was honored to work with Dawn to bring her vision to life. We believe in her work and the community she creates with each of her Connect and Color events.

We partnered with Dawn to produce a promotional video capturing both her and her event participant's voices as they shared their experiences. This resulted in an emotionally compelling marketing video that successfully communicates the power of a Connect and Color event.


CLIENT: Connect and Color

PRODUCERS: Jordan Graves & Madelaine Anderson


B CAM OP: Johnny Weichel 

FEATURING: Dawn Pennacchia & Connect and Color event participants (Lily, Lauren, and Debbie)

Thoughts from DAWN

''One potential client said it made her tear up while watching! Needless to say, Goals accomplished! Thank you!"

- Dawn Pennacchia, Founder | Connect and Color

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