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Crafted For Good Times

Commercial Brand Video   .  Social Media Video Ads


When Apologue Liqueurs teamed up with Big Star Chicago to create an amazing canned version of their delicious margarita, they knew it was the perfect opportunity to add video to their marketing strategy. This new drink was crafted for good times so they their new video would be fun and authentic to match. They wanted to visually show how to enjoy the drink at home along with the craftsmanship that goes into each can.

The Big Star Margarita team partnered with Talus Films to develop and produce a unique story-based commercial brand video with accompanying social media video ads. The suite of videos is being utilized on their website, social channels, and marketing materials to attract new potential customers and raise brand awareness.

The collaboration resulted in a fun, quirky 90-second brand video (and two15-second social media video ads) showing how the Big Star Margarita is expertly crafted to transform the canned cocktail drinking experience.


CLIENT: Big Star Cocktails & Apologue Liqueurs

PRODUCED BY: Talus Films

WRITER, DIRECTOR - Jordan Graves & Austin Taylor                 

PRODUCERS - Jordan Graves & Madelaine Anderson

FEATURING - Sage Behr, Kandice Robbins, Travis Donahoo & Drew Michele


1ST AC - Ryan Marshall

2ND AC - John Breihan

PRODUCTION SOUND - Manuel Rodriguez

PRODUCTION DESIGN - Madelaine Anderson

SET DRESSER - Sam George

VFX SUPERVISOR & ARTIST - Brendon Perdikis

GAFFER - Gerrit Fahr & Austin Crowley

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - Kristin Herman & John White

EDITOR, COLORIST - Julia Gralczyk

COMPOSER - Adam Wayne


LOCATION - Camera Ambassador

CASTING -  Chicago Talent Network

SPECIAL THANKS: Camera Ambassador, Eric Silver, Shannon Riley

Thoughts from The Big Star Team

''Talus’ video was a key piece of our promoted content for the summer — we used it across Instagram and Facebook. It had received the highest engagement of all the content we’d put out. We were able to use the video for multiple marketing activities, such as our newsletter. Our investors and partners were hooked on the video.

The level of execution, polish, and professionalism on the finished product sets Talus apart from the competition. At no point did our video feel like an amateur project; Talus’ video looked as good as any commercial during a primetime television event."

- Robby Haynes, Co-Founder | Apologue Liqueurs

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