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Meet The Artist:
Dave Paha

Documentary (Short) Interview Video & Social Media Videos Ads


Dave is a pen and ink artist who knew that with his visual medium a video to begin marketing himself and his work would be key.


His goal was to pull back the curtain and give a glimpse into who he is, why he makes his art and the intention behind his pieces. 


The result is a mini artist documentary that’s being leveraged to build brand awareness and garner interest in his work. It’s being used on his website, social media platforms, and other marketing materials.


CLIENT: Dave Paha

PRODUCERS: Jordan Graves & Madelaine Anderson



Thoughts from Dave

''It was a very smooth process — the team was easygoing, so I was very comfortable working with them. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Jordan, in particular, was truly excited and passionate about the project. He did a good job and produced phenomenal work."

- Dave Paha

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