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Digital BusineSS Card:
Lindsey Oaks Personal Branding

Promotional Interview Video & Social Media Video Ads


Personal Brand Strategist, Lindsey Oaks, knew adding video to her marketing would help her message reach wider audiences. She partnered with Talus Films to produce her very own Digital Business Card with the intention of utilizing it on social media, her website, and future marketing materials. The result of our collaboration with Lindsey is an authentic 2 minute video highlighting her services, her expertise, and how her clients have transformed their businesses by working with her. 


CLIENT: Lindsey Oaks Personal Branding

PRODUCERS: Jordan Graves & Madelaine Anderson

DIRECTOR: Jordan Graves

FEATURING: Lindsey Oaks


PRODUCTION DESIGN: Madelaine Anderson


Thoughts from Lindsey

''I feel that Talus did such a great job of pulling all the right words out of me and stringing them together in such a great way. The video is so much more informative than I could have imagined.


The first time I debuted a "teaser" on my Instagram and directed interested watchers to my website, two people immediately reached out for a consultation. I'll call that success."

- Lindsey Oaks, Founder | Lindsey Oaks Personal Branding

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