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VieVision Between Legs MirroR

Product Explainer & How-To Video & Social Media Video Ads


Nyssa is changing the world of women's wellness one innovative product at a time. When they launched their newest invention - VieVision Between Legs Mirror - it was branded " of the greatest inventions of our time" by Nylon and "a major development in the sexual wellness industry" by Forbes.

Since the mirror is the first of its kind, the Nyssa team knew they wanted to use video to tell its story and how to use it in a clear, authentic, and approachable way.

Talus Films was proud to partner with them to produce an interview-based and instructional product "how-to" video that now lives on the Nyssa website and social media to raise brand awareness and help demystify and remove the taboo around female anatomy.



PRODUCED BY: Talus Films

PRODUCERS - Jordan Graves & Madelaine Anderson

DIRECTOR - Madelaine Anderson

FEATURING - Aubrey Howard


GAFFER - Natalie Reinholtz

EDITOR - Kristin Herman

COLORIST - Jordan Graves

Thoughts from The Nyssa Team

''Their project management was great. They followed an organized process, met every single deadline, and stayed well within our budget. Overall, they made a really challenging project come to life in such a short time.


A dream! I've worked with many creative agencies and have had few that are as communicative and collaborative as Talus. They definitely took control of the situation and deliverables, but heard our ideas and feedback. The also worked in a highly professional and efficient manner."

- Ellen Kellogg, CSO | Nyssa

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