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12x12 Virtual Showcase

12 Short Projects   -   9 Short Narrative Films & 3 Music Videos

DISCLAIMER: Video Contains Some Language and Physical Violence.

We're excited to bring you our films for free! If you're able, please consider donating. 100% of proceeds will go to our 12x12 Festival Submission Fund to ensure these films are seen by an even wider audience!



12x12 was an original film production project developed by Talus Films. Through it, we explored the richness of storytelling by producing 12 short projects (films and music videos) in 12 months. With 12x12, Talus Films collaborated with over 100 Chicago and Midwest filmmakers, artists, musicians, dancers, and actors. 


The project addressed the main problems facing filmmakers - getting their work produced and seen by an audience.12x12 solved this problem by providing the resources, story development, and the framework needed.

All 12 works were originally screened at the Claudia Cassidy Theatre in the Chicago Cultural Center. The original screening was sponsored by the Chicago Film Office, DCASE, and Camera Ambassador.

12x12 Poster

The Films


genre: music video  |  runtime: 4:17  |  virtual showcase video start time: 3:26

directed by: Jordan Graves & Adam Wayne   |   starring: Family of Geniuses featuring Bardo

A funky, fun music video collaboration with Family of Geniuses


genre: drama  |  runtime: 7:41  |  virtual showcase video start time: 7:45

directed by: Madelaine Anderson  |   written by: Margaret Velez  |   starring: Nathalie Galde & Jessica Spaid

Two women arrive at an office building for the same job interview that happens to be on the 41st floor, only to find they must take the stairs together since the elevator is broken.


genre: satirical comedy |  runtime: 6:14  |  virtual showcase video start time: 15:27

directed and written by: Jordan Graves   |   starring: Jeremy Germain, Madelaine Anderson & Emily Ember

After a long run, a young couple stops at a corner lemonade stand for what turns out to be an unusual transaction.


genre: supernatural comedy/drama  |  runtime: 5:29  |  virtual showcase video start time: 21:42

directed and written by: Jordan Graves  |   starring: Emily Ember & Alex Goodman

A woman wakes up in bed when her boyfriend comes home from a long shift at work - however the promotion he just received presents an unusual problem for her.


genre: drama  |  runtime: 6:08  |  virtual showcase video start time: 27:37

directed by: Sonia Jourdain  |   written by: Cal Patterson  |   starring: Jordan Rome, Stephen Wilkes & Lynzie Jackson

After a night of drinking goes awry, Bai must decide to or not to drunk text their ex.


genre: music video  |  runtime: 4:25  |  virtual showcase video start time: 33:43

directed by: Julia Gralczyk  |   starring: Van Isaacson, Signe Engstrand & Stephen Baker

A heartfelt music video collaboration with Van Isaacson.


genre: dark comedy  |  runtime: 11:25  |  virtual showcase video start time: 38:33

directed by: Mikaela McParlan  |   written by: Troy Sugrue  |   starring: Ruth Kaufman, Mark E. Penzien & Tony Belsito

An open house turns deadly when a real estate agent's showing is disrupted by a killer.


genre: action/suspense  |  runtime: 7:43  |  virtual showcase video start time: 49:59

directed by: Sean Patrick Leonard  |   written by: Jordan Graves  |   starring: Madelaine Anderson, Carlo Aparo & Chris Holder

Left for dead, and with time being of the utmost importance, Agent Elle Porter has to decide between fight or flight in order to survive being hunted by her own organization.


genre: drama  |  runtime: 7:29  |  virtual showcase video start time: 57:44

directed and written by: Antonio Macias  |   starring: Carlo Aparo, Jessica Spaid & Piper Sobel

The threat of a nuclear attack threatens to rip a family apart.


genre: drama  |  runtime: 12:39  |  virtual showcase video start time: 01:05:14

directed by: Ethan Uphouse  |   written by: Molly Franklin  |   starring: Madelaine Anderson, Michal Kokoszka, James Richard Searle & Tenley

A woman is forced to consider the future of her family when she discovers she may have inherited a generational disease.


genre: drama  |  runtime: 4:49  |  virtual showcase video start time: 01:17:45

directed and written by: Jeremy Germain  |   starring: Dane Valerio & D'Andre Martin Davis

Tyler just got invited to the biggest party of the year, and this is his opportunity to finally be a part of the popular crowd, but his plans are thwarted when his younger brother, Cameron, catches him sneaking out in the middle of the night.


genre: sci-fi music video  |  runtime: 5:09  |  virtual showcase video start time: 01:23:35

directed by: Jordan Graves & Austin Taylor  |   starring: Stephen Bardo, Carlo Aparo, Natalia Khosla, Antonio Robles, Emily Ember & Dave Paha

A sci-fi music video collaboration with Bardo.

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