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Chicago Video Production
Rooted In Storytelling & Adventure 

are you ready to create a

 Video That Moves People? 



Capture your mission visually.

Create a video that truly captures your voice, communicates your values, and highlights your uniqueness in order to reach your target audience.



Connect with your audience emotionally.

Create an authentic video that uses

powerful storytelling principles to authentically inspire action at the right place and time.



Build trust authentically.

When your audience trusts your brand, your stress will lessen, you'll get time back in your life, and increase your bottom line. We make content creation super easy.

our process

Let's Journey Together

Video Production Company - Explore



Book a free 30 minute Explore Call.


During our time together we'll learn about each other and explore how we can best support your work through professional, creative, high-quality videos that tell your stories.



It's all about what you need.

A video strategy, creative development, video production?

We've got your back.​

Our team will ensure you've got everything you need for a high-quality video production all while providing our expert recommendations with clear communication along the way.

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Our team will budget, project manage, write, create storyboards, cast, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver your video while guiding you seamlessly through every step as your partner.

We'll handle all the details and make production super easy and fun.

Our Full Service Video Production In Chicago

As the only Chicago based, eco-conscious, award winning, and woman owned company specializing in video and film production, our team is pretty unique which gives us a fresh perspective in the industry.

With over 16 combined years of experience, you're in good hands with us. We've even been named of one of the top video production companies in Chicago across multiple publications.

Our video production services are truly full service. We consult, strategize, develop, handle pre-production, production, and the entire post process - delivering on time and on budget with the utmost professionalism.


With our eco-conscious approach, we're passionate about leaving the world a little better than we found it. As you might expect, this often shapes who we work with. We love to create content for:

  • Outdoor Industry Brands

  • Sustainability & Conservation Organizations

  • Founders, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

  • Mission and Purpose Driven Brands

  • B Corps

Our team values adventure, sustainability & giving back, curiosity & empathy, collaboration, and inspiration. If you're in alignment with these, let's chat!

Learn more about our capabilities to create content for...

Our Chicago Based Video Production Services

Our video production services create content to cover all your bases. We'll be your trusted partner for all your "I need a video" moments. No matter what you're promoting - a brand, a person, a service, a product, an event - we'll make the process super easy, creative, and fun.

We're experts in story structure and adventure explore more about our individual video services below:

Digital Business Card - Adam Wayne

Consultation & Strategy

We offer free Explore Calls and Project Quotes for every project.

Additionally, we offer workshops in video content creation strategy, video story development, and marketing video audit.


Brand Films

Brand films are often a high quality, evergreen cornerstone of your marketing videos. These creative corporate videos are short and designed to showcase a brand and used as a form of digital marketing. They connect brands emotionally with their audiences through story and can be either a fictional narrative or documentary style.

BrainsWay Deep TMS - Antenna Group


Commercial videos are short, high quality, creative advertising content (30 sec) that are placed on TV, streaming services, social media platforms as paid ads, and other digital channels. Great commercials promote a company's mission, product, or service in a compelling and authentic way to raise brand awareness and draw in customers.   

Two Minutes With A Gardner


Documentary films can play a variety of roles for a business in terms of corporate videos and they can vary widely in length (short or long form content).


They typically show real events and showcase important, inspirational, or compelling story topics.

FourthWear Postpartum Collection - Nyssa - Video Production

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are short-form content created for the specific purpose of promoting a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event to your clients. 

These types of corporate videos capture your target audience's attention at the right place and time. 

FourthWear Postpartum Collection - Nyssa - Video Production

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short-form video content used to explain business products and/or services to your clients and customers.


We specialize in producing live-action explainers that connect through authenticity and humanity.



Testimonial videos are short-form content that praises the brand. A great testimonial video is story based and features an interview with clients or customers who shares who they are, how they used the product or service, and how it transformed their life. 

Big Star Margarita - Video Production - Brand Film

Social Media videos

A social media videos are short-form content specifically designed to drive engagement actions and captivate audiences on social platforms either through organic posts or paid ads. 

These videos can be cut downs of longer content that entice folks to seek out the longer piece on your website.

Video Production Company Jobs


We also a offer our clients full post production house services for live-action video content including editing, coloring, sound mixing, sound design, music composition, special effects, 2D motion graphics, and more. 

What We Create For Our Partners

What our Creative Clients Say

Talus Films Video Production

"The level of execution, polish, and professionalism on the finished product sets Talus apart from the competition.


Talus’ video looked as good as any commercial during a primetime television event."

— Robby Haynes

Co-Founder, Apologue Liqueurs

"A dream! I've worked with many creative agencies and have had few that are as communicative and collaborative as Talus.


They definitely took control of the situation and deliverables, but heard our ideas and feedback. The also worked in a highly professional and efficient manner."

— Ellen Kellogg

CSO, Nyssa

"Talus Films delivered high-quality work that not only exceeded expectations but also made further engagement possible.


The hands-on team was always eager to provide top-notch support and go above and beyond to keep the client involved and happy. They were also organized, patient, and responsive." 

— Rebecca Zak

Senior Creative Producer, Antenna Group


Read more of our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews, testimonials, and case studies from our awesome clients on Clutch where we're ranked as one of the best Chicago production companies:

to give back


Video Production Company Sustainability Partner

We take an eco-conscious approach to our Chicago based video production services in order to protect our natural world and leave it a bit better than we found it. In addition to our sustainable on-set practices, each project we produce aids reforestation efforts through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

The number of trees planted per project directly correlates to its overall scope. Each of our free quotes estimates how many trees will be planted if we produce your project. 


trees Planted

What's In A Name

(noun)  - ta·​lus | /ˈtāləs/ - a slope formed especially by an accumulation of rock debris
A talus field or slope is a geological feature you might encounter while summiting a mountain - a rock field. The trail tends to disappear in these sections, and you're left to navigate your own way through.

For us, this parallels how we each as humans walk our own paths through life. Each with a unique story to tell.

Our chosen method for creative storytelling is film.

Where's Basecamp?

video production in chicago, illinois by talus films

Our creative team provides full service video production and are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We also frequently provide video services to the greater Chicagoland area and the Midwest.

Our team is additionally located in Fort Collins, Colorado producing content in Denver and throughout the Colorado Front Range.

We're available for nationwide travel

and as adventurers at heart, we love it!

video production in fort collins, colorado and the colorado front range by talus films

Utilize Video Story to Communicate Your Brand Values!

Learn how to powerfully connect with your audience leaving them feeling seen, heard, understood, with a long-lasting affinity for your brand, and excited to take their next step with you using our 5 Powerful Ways To Show Brand Values Through Video Storytelling free guide

Storytelling Guide Cover Page

How to Easily Connect With Your Audience Every Time

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