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Grow your business through authentic, story-based video content.

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for a video that resonates?

One that isn't the typical, forgettable "corporate" video but that authentically captures your brand and inspires action?

Get a video that truly captures your voice and clearly articulates your message in order to elevate your marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd.

Present your brand as a true expert, authority, and industry leader in order to boost brand awareness and increase your bottom line.

Gain a video production partner who will guide you every step of the way; making the process fun while delivering you high-quality, unique video content.




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Our Journey Together

Video Production Company - Explore



Book a free 30 minute Explore Call.


During our time together we'll learn about you, your message, your marketing goals, and your video needs. Your initial call and project quote are always free.

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We partner with you to workshop and develop a video that’s perfectly optimized for your target market and designed to help your business achieve its marketing goals. 

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We’ll write, produce, shoot, edit your video, and guide you through the video production process all the way from beginning to end.


LET's Get Started

We understand

We know how frustrating it is to spend your time and money to produce content that doesn't feel like you or accomplish your marketing goals. 


This is why we've developed our very own process for crafting unique and compelling story-based videos.

It all starts with our 2-hour Video Development Workshop. During our time together, we'll walk your team through our detailed story-based framework. Afterward, we'll deliver you a hand-crafted video map that will guide your video production journey.

This video map is yours to keep and use as you see fit. There are no obligations for us to produce your video once your map is complete (although we'd sure love to). 

Our workshop is the perfect place to start if you know you'd like to add video to your marketing strategy but don't have a fully developed idea yet.

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Featured PROJECT:
Through her Eyes

Osprey Packs Commercial

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our Work

Big Star Margarita - Video Production - Brand Film



Big Star Margarita - Video Production - Brand Film

"The level of execution, polish, and professionalism on the finished product sets Talus apart from the competition. At no point did our video feel like an amateur project; Talus’ video looked as good as any commercial during a primetime television event."

- Robby Haynes

Co-Founder, Apologue Liqueurs

FourthWear Postpartum Collection - Nyssa - Video Production



FourthWear Postpartum Collection - Nyssa - Video Production

"A dream! I've worked with many creative agencies and have had few that are as communicative and collaborative as Talus. They definitely took control of the situation and deliverables, but heard our ideas and feedback. The also worked in a highly professional and efficient manner.

- Ellen Kellogg

CSO, Nyssa

Choobs Brand Video Production



Choobs Brand Video Production

"They were fantastic to work with — they were responsive and made me feel I was contributing to the project even though it’s their domain. They always valued my insights and feedback. They kept me updated with the project’s status. Overall, I enjoyed working with them." 

- Alex Mueller

Founder, Choobs

you might be wondering

What makes a compelling video?

Well, you're in luck! We've crafted a guide to specifically answer this question. In it, we go over our top 5 tips for crafting a video that captures your audience's attention, keeps them watching, and wanting more.

These tips will put you on the road to success for your next marketing video and can be easily applied if you're self-producing or hiring a video production team.

Download your FREE guide now!

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Video Production Company Sustainability Partner

to give back


We take an eco-conscious approach to video production in order to protect our natural world and leave it a bit better than we found it. In addition to our sustainable on-set practices, each project we produce aids reforestation efforts through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

The number of trees planted per project directly correlates to its overall scope. Each of our free quotes estimates how many trees will be planted if we produce your project. 


trees Planted