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CLIENT PROJECT PROFILE: Adam Wayne Digital Business Card

Adam Wayne is a life coach. Which means he partners with his clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. And to reach new potential clients, Adam knew he wanted to add video content to his marketing strategy. So, he reached out to Talus Films for help in producing marketing video in the form of a Digital Business Card. The goal of this concise 60-second promotional video is to outline what coaching is, why it's important, how now is the best time to engage with a coach, and to invite his viewers to reach out and get in touch.

The "Making Of" Process

Sitting down with Adam to discuss the video production process for this project was exciting! He's an idea man which is always fun especially because he had clear goals and a vision in mind when it came to creating this video (it might be the coach in him). Together, we determined the project would be broken into three main stages:

  • Development

  • The Shoot

  • Editing & Delivery

During the development stage, we worked with Adam on what we call a pre-interview. Mutually, we agreed upon some key interview questions we'd ask Adam and he answered them openly, honestly, and candidly. We typically record these types of sessions so afterwards we're able to parse through the captured content and hone in on the parts, phrases, and words that really stand out and get to the heart of the message we are looking to convey. From there, we'll provide our on-screen talent with a full script or bullet pointed list of key talking points - this part comes down to personal preference. In Adam's case, he loves being hands on. So, he really worked to hone his own script and bulleted talking points in order to feel most comfortable in front of the camera.

Next, we moved to the shoot itself. During this period of time, we actually captured Adam's footage that was used in the final video. This footage consists of the honed interview we crafted during development and footage we call b-roll. This is an industry term that stands for supplemental footage that's secondary to our main interview footage. For this project, the b-roll you see is of Adam working with a client, reacting to what his client is saying, and taking notes during a session. Both types of footage work hand-in-hand to creatively bring the video together.

Editing and final delivery rounded out our process. We took the footage we captured with Adam and put it together in dynamic, informative, engaging, and inspirational way all while keeping in mind his original video goals. This part of the process also includes layering in music (which Adam actually composed - what a talented guy!) and coloring. Adam also played a part by giving his feedback along the way to help shape the video we delivered.

Project Timeline & What's Included

So, how long does professional video take to make? This specific type of project can be carried out over various timelines, but generally they are pretty quick from beginning to end. Producing these takes about 2 to 3 weeks -1 week for development, 1 half-day shoot (4 to 5 hours), and 1 to 2 weeks for editing and final delivery.

Included in a project like this are professional concept development, camera operation, sound mixing, lighting set up, editing, coloring, music, and final delivery of your video in multiple formats that can be used on a wide array of platforms (ie: website, embedded into email, Facebook posts and stories, Instagram posts and stories, YouTube, Vimeo, and more).

The Versatility of This Type of Video

Another great thing about this type of project and process is just how versatile it can be. Adam may be a life coach, but these types of videos can be used by just about any solopreneur and business. They become your calling card and can be used at the top of your sales and marketing funnels to give your potential customers a taste of who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch. These marketing videos really prove to be effective in 2021.

The process of making these videos translates to a whole host of other video types like client testimonials, product explainers, informational videos, training videos, and more!

Plus, they are COVID-19 friendly because we keep our teams small and can come to you - typically filming in a space that represents your business well (ie: your office, home, land, warehouse, storefront, etc.). We also conduct all our development and editing work virtually and remotely to ensure maximum social distancing and safety.

Adam's Thoughts

Here's what Adam had to say about working with Talus, and his finished video:

"It was clear from the outset that Talus wanted to produce the work that I wanted. There was always clear and open communication with highly professional folks...I'm so happy with the product and representation it creates for me and my business...Literally, within days I was getting hired by clients that otherwise wouldn't have been aware of my work."

Without further ado, check out Adam's Digital Business Card video below!

And if you'd like your own Digital Business Card and/or any other type of video, GET STARTED with us today!

Looking to learn more about how much professional video costs? Or what the video production process looks like? Head over to our blob posts on those topics!


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