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Talus Films hosted its first Giveaway just a few weeks ago, and we're so excited to announce our selected winners. We were blown away by all the Chicago businesses who submitted - this city really is brimming with amazing people doing amazing things! We feel very fortunate to have been introduced to each business and organization who entered.

Our Giveaway entry ran from October 26 through November 6, 2020, and each winning business will receive the following prizes in their Brand Video Package:

  1. a Video Development Workshop

  2. a 1.5 Minute Brand Video

  3. 2 Social Media Video Ads

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our two Chicago business winners!


Choobs is a new startup on a mission to spread love around the world. It is an online marketplace for shopping clothing brands that do good. 9-in-10 Americans want to shop brands associated with a good cause, but it's difficult to find these brands today. Choobs makes it easy to discover and shop these brands by selling them in one online store. Choobs is creating a world where people can look good and do good. Shop now at

Check out Choobs on Facebook and Instagram @choobsco.


Launched in 2017 by Violet Hour alum, Robby Haynes, Apologue makes spirited liqueurs for those who care about what they drink. Featuring unique, palate-provoking ingredients, Apologue's current expressions include: Aronia, Celery Root, Persimmon, and Saffron. As a Certified B Corporation, Apologue prides itself on contributing directly back into its community. When the pandemic hit, Apologue collaborated with Big Star, Chicago's favorite taco-slinging, honky-tonk hangout, to put their iconic margarita in a convenient can for people to enjoy their favorite margarita safely from home. Proceeds help benefit Support Staff - a Chicago non-profit focused on mental health support for hospitality professionals throughout the COVID-19 health pandemic

For more information, please visit Check out Apologue on Facebook and Instagram @apologueliqueurs and @bigstarmarg

Be on the lookout for some neat Brand Videos we'll be producing for each of these brands in the coming months. And if you're ready to produce your own brand video or have a video idea in mind, GET STARTED with Talus today!


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