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In the past few weeks, we've all gotten some hopeful COVID-19 news - cases and deaths are slowing and vaccines are being distributed. But with all the good news, COVID-19 still remains a threat to many people and industries, film and video production included. So, we're doing our part to keep all our sets as safe as possible!

To that end, Jordan Graves (our Head of Production) has completed his COVID-19 Compliance Officer training class through Health Education Services, LLC. The COVID-19 Compliance Officer is a newly created role that is responsible for establishing and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, training staff, and monitoring compliance on all music video, photography and commercial sets. This class covered everything from roles and responsibilities, screening protocol, social distancing, health department requirements, PPE, set disinfection, to positive test protocol.

Our Current On Set COVID-19 Protocols

To ensure our sets are always as safe as possible during these unprecedented times, here's a high-level overview of our current on set protocols:

  • All state and local guidelines for safe professional gatherings are strictly adhered to.

  • We limit the number of personnel on set at one time.

  • We operate with 10 hour production days.

  • Physical distancing is "baked in" to our scripts as much as possible to limit close physical contact between actors.

  • All on set personnel complete a symptom screening and temperature check upon arrival to set, mid-day, and at the end of the day.

  • Hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and masks are always readily available.

  • Hand washing station(s) are set up and accessible to all.

  • Social distancing is enforced at all times.

  • Proper face masks, which cover nose and mouth, are worn at all times (expect by talent during a take).

  • New face masks are provided to all personnel at the beginning of the day and after lunch.

  • No visitors are allowed on set without producer approval.

  • Food and lunch provided is individually wrapped/packaged.

  • Production spaces are cleaned 3 times per day.

  • We work remotely as much as possible.

  • Digital copies of paperwork are provided to avoid sharing.

  • Carpooling is prohibited (unless coming from the same household).

  • Production follows up with all on set personnel 14 days after production to check for a known positive test or symptoms. If anyone has tested positive or has developed symptoms, the rest of the cast and crew is notified immediately. The identities of anyone testing positive will remain anonymous.

  • All protocols are emailed to cast and crew along with the call sheet prior to the shoot.

  • All protocols are gone over in person with everyone at the beginning of the production day.

  • All protocols are printed and posted on set.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us directly at And if you're ready to start your own COVID-19 safe production, GET STARTED with us today!


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