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We're Here To Serve You

At Talus Films, we make videos that inspire your audiences.

Want to watch some? Check out our work.

Want to learn more about how we make them? Check out our blog "The Video Production Process Made Simple".

Wondering if we make the type of video or provide the service you're looking for? Keep on reading!

Video Types

Videos come in all different shapes, sizes, and purposes. At Talus Films, we listen to your needs and can easily point you in the direction of a video type that would fit perfectly. We love producing a wide array of videos including (but not limited to) all of the following:

  • Brand Videos

  • Mini Documentaries

  • Social Media Video Ads

  • Product/Service Explainer Videos (live-action)

  • Product Demonstration Videos (live-action)

  • Launch Videos

  • Interview Videos

  • Customer Testimonials Videos

  • Company Overview Videos

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Narrative Films

  • Music Videos

If you're interested in a type of video that's not listed here, please reach out! We'd love to explore how we can turn your vision into a reality. We love partnering with brands in order to make marketing your business, product, or service with video as easy and accessible as possible.

How We're Capable of Serving You

Videos go through 4 main stages when we produce them - creative, pre-production, production, and post-poduction. If you want to learn more about how we make them? Check out our blog "The Video Production Process Made Simple".

We're a full-service production company which simply means we're capable of producing your video project all the way from conception to final delivery. And we take the guesswork out of it all by serving you in every way your project and video requires.

If you don't need a video produced from beginning to end, we'll happily provide as many services you need at any stage in the production process. For example, maybe you've already got some raw video footage and need some help crafting it into a compelling narrative. Well, we'd gladly help edit, color, sound design, and add motion graphics for you. Or perhaps, you already have a project brief put together but need a company to come alongside you and handle all the production logistics to take it from the page to reality. We can do that too! You might even know that you want video but need some help in the creative stage of things. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place! Read more about how our video development workshop helps craft your perfect video.

Here are some of our many capabilities and services to help you each step of the way:


  • Consultation

  • Development Workshop

  • Video Strategy

  • Visual Treatment

  • Scripting

  • Storyboarding


  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Casting

  • Hiring Cast & Crew

  • Location Scouting

  • Production Design

  • Shot Lists


  • Production Management

  • Directing

  • Cinematography

  • Audio Recording & Mixing

  • Lighting & Grip

  • Art Department

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Costuming

  • Data Wrangling

  • Drone Capture

Post-Production & Delivery

  • Editing

  • Color Grading

  • Motion Graphics

  • Music & Sound

  • VFX

  • Multiple format delivery

Don't see a service listed here that you need? Please reach out! We'll always work with you to find the best fit for your project - whether it's with us or if we're able to recommend another resource. And with all these different types of videos and services, you might be wondering what it all might cost. If so, give our "How Much Does Video Production Cost" blog a quick read.

Ready to chat more or start your video? GET STARTED on your project with Talus Films today!

Interested in our Video Development Workshop? Click below to schedule your free call and learn more:

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