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How Our Video Development Workshop Helps Craft Your Perfect Video

For many people and businesses, video production is intimidating. You know professional video would be an amazing asset to your marketing efforts (and the statistics back up your thinking here, more on this in our blog post: why your business needs a video marketing strategy), but you just don't know how or where to start!

Well, we want to help! At Talus Films, we believe in doing everything we can to ensure that creating video content for your business, organization, or brand is as easy as possible. Which is one of the main reasons why we've created our Video Development Workshop.

What is Our Video Development Workshop?

It's a 2 hour Workshop uniquely tailored for you facilitated by the Talus Films creative team. During our time together, we'll map out all the elements of your video project to ensure it fits your goals and strategy perfectly. We'll dig into the pain points in your business the video needs to address, as well as how the video will look, sound, and leave your audience feeling.

This Workshop is perfect for when you're interested in incorporating professional video into your marketing, but you don't know what type of video would work best, how it could look and feel, or what kind of story you'd like to tell.

What Do You Get From the Workshop?

In addition to 2 hours of dedicated access to our creative team, you'll also receive your very own Video Treatment. Think of this as your Video Map. To craft your unique Treatment, our team takes all the information we brainstormed and collected during the Workshop and distills it into a clear-cut written and visual map of what your video project can look like. Including but not limited to your:

  • project goals

  • target audience

  • the video deliverable(s)

  • project budget (more on this in our blog: How Much Does Video Production Cost?)

  • where the video will live (ie: social media paid ads, youtube, your website, etc...)

  • associated keywords

  • the approach to creating your video

  • the video story

  • key on-screen characters

  • visual and musical inspiration

  • mood boards

  • storyboard/sample scripts (if applicable)

Once delivered, your Video Treatment is 100% yours to keep and do with as you like. You could hide it away in the back of a drawer for future use, take it to another video production company for them to produce, give it to your in-house video team for production, or (our personal favorite) have Talus Films produce it for you!

The great thing about this Workshop is that it is a standalone service. This means, you're welcome to just book this Workshop with us and no further services - no strings attached. You get to choose how to continue the video production process how it makes the most sense for you and your business.

How Do You Prep For The Workshop?

Prepping is easy!

  1. You'll let us know who from your team you'd like to attend the Workshop (best practice is to have all main stakeholders and decision makers attended so everyone can align on vision from the very beginning)

  2. We'll pick a date and time to schedule your 2 hour Workshop (due to COVID-19 all Workshops are held virtually via video call at this time)

  3. You'll complete a short Questionnaire prior to your Workshop (your answers help us uniquely tailor your Workshop)

What Is Covered During The Workshop?

During your Workshop, we'll cover many topics in great detail. Including but not limited to:

  • Video Goals - We'll take a close look at what you'd like to accomplish with your video and what will success looks like (ie: are you looking to raise funds, convert customers, increase education, brand awareness, or engagement, etc...)

  • Types of Marketing Videos - Videos come in all different shapes and sizes. Using your project goals, we'll narrow in on what type of video would be most effective for us to map out and create. For example, Brand Videos are best at the top of your sales funnel when you're looking to increase brand awareness and engagement whereas Product Explainer or Client Testimonial Videos are best suited down your funnel when potential customers are ready/close to buying and want more information before sealing the deal.

  • Video Examples: Story vs. Informational - We'll take a look at some different video examples and outline the sliding scale between story-style videos and informational-style videos. We'll use these examples to gauge where you and your team are leaning in terms of video style.

  • A Deep-Dive into Video Structure - And no matter which way you're leaning with video style or type, we'll do a deep-dive into video structure. This will help us define who your on-screen "character(s)" will be, all the individual components of your video, and how they'll all work seamlessly together.

  • Target Audience - We'll get specific about who we're targeting and ensure your video is perfectly catered to them.

  • Keywords - And along the way, we'll identify 3 to 5 high-level keywords that capture what we're looking to communicate with this video project. These keywords become like beacons as we move through the video production process because they'll keep us aligned with our project goals.

How Do We Find Out More & Book A Workshop?

We're so glad you asked!

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Want to see some real life examples? Click here to see a completed treatment we created after finishing a Video Development Workshop for Chicago tech startup, Choobs.

Click here to see the completed video we created, based off this visual treatment.

Want to learn more about the video production process and how this marketing video was made? Check out our other blog post: The Video Production Process Made Simple!

And want to dig even deeper into communicating your brand values through video storytelling?

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