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CLIENT PROJECT PROFILE: Big Star Margarita Brand Video

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Apologue Liqueurs teamed up with Big Star Chicago to create an amazing canned version of their delicious Big Star margarita that could be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and, thus, Big Star Cocktails was born. The team behind these tasty drinks knew they wanted to add video to their marketing strategy, and we were honored to partner with them to bring their vision of a fun, authentic, and “crafted for good times” video to life.

Together, we developed and produced a unique story-based brand video with accompanying social media videos ads. This suite of videos is currently being utilized on the web, social channels, and marketing materials to attract new potential customers and to raise brand awareness.

Watch the fun, quirky 90-second brand video that shows how the Big Star Margarita is expertly crafted to transform the canned cocktail drinking experience!

Crafted For Good Times” Brand Video:

The Making Of Process

For this project, we had the pleasure of working with Apologue Liqueurs co-founder, Robby Haynes. Like many of our clients, he knew video was something he wanted to incorporate into his brand and marketing strategy, but he didn’t know what type of video would do the trick. So, we kicked off this project by hosting a Video Development Workshop for him. (Check out our blog post “How Our Video Development Workshop Helps Craft Your Perfect Video” for more details on this unique offering).

Through our Workshop, we began to shape the Big Star Margarita brand film. We zeroed in on its purpose, target audience, look, feel, and sound. Robby was drawn to story and character driven videos because they have an amazing ability to capture the target audience’s attention and leave them feeling empowered and energized. (For more tips on how to create a compelling video, check out our free guide). With the information we gleaned from the Workshop, we crafted and delivered Robby a full project Visual Treatment that outlined his video and the approach we’d be taking to produce it. (What’s a Visual Treatment, you ask, check out our blog post “How Our Video Development Workshop Helps Craft Your Perfect Video” to learn and view an example). Once Robby approved his treatment, we got to work bringing his vision to life.

With development behind us, we launched right into pre-production. Our completed script called for multiple locations (an apartment and the Big Star bar itself), a cast of characters (3 friends, a real-life bartender who Robby knew closely, and Margarita Mary), and a full production crew. We worked with Robby and the lovely Big Star folks to arrange to shoot at their bar in Wicker Park and worked with Camera Ambassador for both gear rental and utilizing a loft apartment space on their property for our secondary location. With our locations and shoot dates secured, we turned our focus to casting.

We virtually auditioned many amazingly talented folks represented by Chicago Talent Network and found our lead - Margarita Mary - as well as our apartment friends. During the casting process, we ran point with CTN and provided the Big Star Margarita team with all the video audition self-tapes and information they needed to select their preferred talents.

And last, but certainly not least, we hired our production and post-production crew that consisted of our director, cinematographer, production sound, gaffer, grips, assistant cameras, production designer, set dresser, production assistants, unit production manager, editor, colorist, VFX supervisor, composer, and the post sound design team at NoiseFloor.

With all our pre-production tasks managed, it was time to film our video! Production took place over 1.5 days in early 2021. Robby was able to be on set for both of our production days, which was amazing! Being there during filming allowed him to give feedback in real-time and ensure he was satisfied with the footage being captured every step of the way.

With all our footage captured during our production days, we got to work on post-production. Our teams edited, colored, created and added motion graphics and special effects to, and sound designed the piece in line with Robby’s feedback throughout.

In the end, this project yielded one 90-second Brand Film (“Crafted For Good Times”) and two 15-second Social Media Video Ads (“Crafting the Big Star Margarita” & “Enjoying the Big Star Margarita”). And all the assets were delivered to Robby once he’d given us his final approval, and we knew he was loving each piece. Once in Robby’s hands he was able to distribute them in a variety of ways that best suited his marketing strategy. The main video lives on the web, and the videos have been viewed organically thousands of times via their social media channels - Facebook and Instagram.

The Client’s Thoughts

We had an amazing time working with the Big Star Margarita team on this project and love how it turned out. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Robby had to say:

“Talus’ video was a key piece of our promoted content for the summer — we used it across Instagram and Facebook. It had received the highest engagement of all the content we’d put out. We were able to use the video for multiple marketing activities, such as our newsletter. Our investors and partners were hooked on the video.

The level of execution, polish, and professionalism on the finished product sets Talus apart from the competition. Talus’ video looked as good as any commercial during a primetime television event.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Big Star Cocktails or picking up a pack to indulge in at home, check out their website (Big Star Cocktails and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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